Retrofit led t8 wiring diagram

CATALOG NUMBER KT-RKIT-SP-W-82-C4-4LED DESCRIPTION 8’ Pre-Wired Retrofit Kit (Comprised of Two 4’ Ballast Covers) for LED T8 Tubes with Single Ended Wiring of Line Voltage (120-277V)

Catalog Number Features KT-SOCKET-T8-U-T-2-W: 2-Lamp Wiring Harness for LED Tubes; Includes (2) Pre-Wired Tall, Non-Shunted Sockets with Power Quick Disconnect Manufacturer's Code: Normal Length 48=48": Lamp Shape T8=T8: CRI 8=>80: CCT 50=5000K 40=4000K 35=3500K: Wattage 14G-14W : Internal Driver: Double End Input D LED18T8/841/4FT/HYBRID/SS DR/BP DOUBLE OR SINGLE ENDED Safe-Shield Sleeve Type A - Hybrid UL Multiple Listing RoHS Fluorescent Retrofit Hybrid 240 Degrees Beam Price: $12.75Availability: In stock Specification data is based on tests performed in a controlled environment and represents relative performance. Actual performance

can vary depending on operating conditions. D LED18T8/850/4FT/HYBRID/SS DR/BP DOUBLE OR SINGLE ENDED Safe Shield Hybrid Not For Use With Dimmers. operational temperature range -4°F - 113°F (-20°C - 45°C LED 8FT TUBE J Contact: Cady Liu Office: (561)430-9251 Mobile: (973)960-1877 Email: [email protected] 8FT AC Direct T8 Tube Ready to ship from NaturaLED 2' ballast bypass T8 4000K cool white 9 watt non-dimmable glass LED lamps are noise-free and non flickering. Can be used in lensed recessed troffers. led electronic price change unit (epcu) installation instructions revision 18d blair companies 5107 kissell avenue altoona pa 16601 814-949-8287

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